Why 2020 is the Perfect Time to Upgrade to LED


Whether you’re installing new outdoor lights or maintaining an existing setup, switching to LED bulbs is one of the best things you can do for your lighting system. LED bulbs are brighter, safer, and cheaper to use; they’re the perfect choice for a modern lighting solution.

LEDs Use Less Energy

LED light bulbs are extremely energy efficient. Almost all of the energy used by an LED is turned into light. Compare this to halogen light bulbs, which turn almost all of the energy they use into heat instead.

When you do the math, LEDs are almost 80% more efficient than their traditional counterparts. Less electricity is needed to produce a brighter light, which is better for both the environment and your energy bill.

LEDs Are Safer

LEDs don’t release heat like halogen light bulbs do. This is great for energy efficiency, but it also makes LEDs much safer to use – especially for outdoor installations.

Because LEDs are so much cooler, they are far less likely to start a fire. Halogen bulbs can run as hot as 500 degrees, but LEDs only get up to 180 degrees. This means that they’re safe to use around mulch, dry leaves, and other potentially flammable items on your property.

LEDs Last Longer

Halogen light bulbs tend to burn out and need to be replaced on a yearly or semi-yearly basis. But LED light bulbs last for much longer; a single bulb can keep shining for years at a time.

This lifespan is preserved by good thermal management. What little heat the bulb generates is absorbed into a heat sink and released away from the internal semiconductor. This keeps the bulbs brighter for longer and adds to the safety of the design.

LEDs Save You Money

LEDs use less energy, and this translates directly to your electric bill. The extra energy efficiency means you can add more lights, keep your property lit for longer time periods, or simply enjoy the extra savings.

Even if you already have a halogen setup, the reduced energy use will often cover the cost of the upgrade within a few years. And since LEDs don’t need to be changed as often, you’ll spend less time and money on replacements and maintenance.

Upgrading to LEDs is more affordable than you think. Contact Lights Over Atlanta to discuss a custom solution for your property today.