What's The Point Of Exterior Color Lighting?


Exterior Color Lights Enhance Your Home

Have you ever seen a business flashing blue, green, red, or even purple lights on the exterior of their building? Maybe you’ve seen it in public venues, like restaurants, shopping centers, or hospitals, but have you ever seen it on a home? Well, boy do we have news for you! 

Exterior color lighting is going mainstream. More and more people are lighting their homes, properties, and outdoor living areas with colored lighting for its beauty and versatility, and Lights Over Atlanta wants to offer you the same experience for your home. 

How Your Home Can Use Color Changing Lights

Colored lighting can be used for absolutely anything you can dream! There are no rules when it comes to lighting your home with color. Obviously, the holidays are a great time to light up our home, but there are plenty of other opportunities as well. 

Maybe one evening you're just feeling like blue patio lights? Or, perhaps you wish to honor a family member’s or friend’s birthday with their favorite colors? How about supporting your local sports teams by illuminating your home with team colors on game day? Regardless, color changing lights give you the opportunity to light up your life in whichever way you'd prefer. 


Do You Always Have To Use Colors?

Nope, not at all! Your colors don't have t be permanent. Rather, you can choose to only utilize colored lights on occasion if you wish. Then, when you're not in a colorful mood, you can simply set your color to white or warm white, just like a standard outdoor lighting system. If you don’t want to use color every day, or even often, you can still have an a colored lighting system installed.

Imagine paring down holiday lighting on the outside of your home with a colored outdoor lighting system at your fingertips! This will save you time, and you'll never have to climb a ladder to string lights on your home again.

Are you ready to add a splash of color to your life? Contact us to learn more.