Weather Conditions That Can Affect Your Outdoor Lights



We all know that mother nature can be unpredictable. Sometimes this is good, like when southern states like Georgia are hit with a winter wonderland just in time for the holidays. But sometimes it's bad, like natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina. We all know the damage that certain weather conditions can leave behind. From ripped shingles to tears and cracks in the roof, the weather has the powerful ability to destroy our homes without even asking. But what about our lights? 

LED lights are known for their durability, but nothing in this world is truly invincible. Certain weather conditions, specifically winter conditions, can have damaging and long-lasting effects on your outdoor LED lights. From heavy rain to sleet and hail, there is a wide variety of weather conditions that can damage and affect your outdoor lighting. But how can one prevent their lights from breaking altogether? Luckily for you, that's why you have us. Here are prominent weather conditions you should look out for when it comes to protecting your outdoor LED lights. 


Movies and TV seem to romanticize snowstorms and winter. Think of Will Ferrel's epic snowball fight in Elf. Or The Beast and Belle's romantic ice skating routine. But we've never seen a movie or show that shows us the damage that snow and hailstorms can cause, especially when it comes to your outdoor lighting. Snow has been known to dim most LED lights to the point where they need to be cleaned and polished after the fact. Hail can sometimes break the bulb completely so that it would have to be replaced altogether. While these may seem like minor issues at first glance, over time, these problems can develop into more significant problems that will damage the LED lights permanently. 


Nobody ever seems to be on the same page when it comes to heavy rain. Some people find it appalling and ugly to look at or be around, while others find it peaceful, like the perfect noise to fall asleep to. No matter what side of the argument you find yourself on, there's no denying that heavy rainfall can leave one big footprint. After some time, constant heavy rain can leave your LED lights looking a bit dim and worn out. This is because whenever it rains or is winter, the temperature usually drops. Whenever the temperature drops, the lower the mercury pressure seems to be. Low mercury pressure is only an issue because most LED lights utilize mercury to glow. There are certain LED lights that can be turned on without high mercury pressure. 

What To Do After The Fact 

So let's say that your lights have already been damaged by outside weather conditions. No problem! Lights Over Atlanta prides itself on offering state-of-the-art maintenance services that can save and protect your outdoor LED lights from any further bad weather or hardship. When it comes to protecting your lights from the outside forces of nature, Lights Over Atlanta is the only place to go.