The Legend Behind Lights Over Atlanta



Behind every business or company is a story. And with this story comes the realization of what a business truly is and what it does. Lights Over Atlanta has served the entire metro Atlanta area for the past several years for all of its outdoor lighting needs. We strive to put our consumer base above anything else when it comes to providing the highest quality of service. When it comes to shining a light on your home, there's no other place that does it better than Lights Over Atlanta. With a wide range of services and kits to choose from, Lights Over Atlanta has something to offer for everyone. 

Lights Over Atlanta Services 

As a lighting company dedicated to providing the best possible product and service for our consumer base, Lights Over Atlanta prides itself on offering an assortment of services for the entire metro Atlanta area. Lights Over Atlanta takes care of all your lighting needs. From cleaning and installation to LED conversion and restoration, Lights Over Atlanta strives to treat each and every job with the same care and patience. When it comes to our restoration process, Lights Over Atlanta conducts an initial and in-depth evaluation that examines your lighting system before making any steps forward. This allows us to understand your lighting kit and to analyze exactly what it needs. 

Lights Over Atlanta also offers a LED conversion service that is able to convert all of your old lights into brighter, energy-efficient LED lights. This allows your lights to last longer and reduce your carbon footprint on the earth. Alongside our LED conversion service, Lights Over Atlanta offers a light maintenance service that covers a wide range of issues. From lense and fixture cleaning to angle correction to fixture repair, Lights Over Atlanta takes on all of your maintenance needs at an affordable and reasonable price. 

Lights Over Atlanta's Mission 

As we've said before, Lights Over Atlanta takes great pride in serving the greater metro Atlanta area with the best possible customer services matched with high-quality products and services. At Lights Over Atlanta, outdoor lighting is considered an art form and is treated as such. This is what makes Lights Over Atlanta different from all of its competitors. Day by day, Lights Over Atlanta strives to perfect the art of lighting by providing an assortment of different products and services for our consumer base. This is Lights Over Atlanta's primary mission when conducting business, and so far, they have more than succeeded. 

Lights Over Atlanta's Clients

When it comes to the world of outdoor lighting, Lights Over Atlanta works with both residential and commercial real estate. From suburban neighborhoods to strip malls, Lights Over Atlanta has had its hand in a variety of jobs that range from all sorts of buildings and structures. Even with this diverse list of clients, Lights Over Atlanta prides itself on treating each and every customer with the same care and patience. No job is too big or too small of Lights Over Atlanta.