Store-Bought vs Professionally Installed Holiday Lights


A 4th of July fireworks show in your backyard will hardly compete with the size, sound, precision, and length of a professionally done event. Likewise, it is hard to achieve the same brilliance, and shine of professionally installed holiday lights with store-bought lights.

These days, more people are leaning towards professionally installed holiday lights which are also known as commercial holiday lights. If you are not well-versed in outdoor lighting, it can be hard to tell what a DIY project is, and what the experts have done.

Furthermore, many companies offer products they claim to be commercial grade but turn out to be less than anticipated. Luckily, this guide is here to help you see the difference between a home-made light show and professionally done project.


Any lighting that claims to be of commercial quality must be an LED light. Unfortunately, many store-bought lights are incandescent bulbs that are heavy on power usage; commercial-grade lighting is LED for the appearance, and for saving power. 

Moreover, any products that the professionals use will last much longer due to how they are made. They are made as a sealed unit to keep dust and moisture from entering the bulb. This construction also eliminates the possibility of the bulb coming loose. 

Store-bought lights do not have these features, so they damage easily. Moreover, commercial lights will continue to run even when one bulb blows out. They will also run for an average of 60,000 hours which is a lot more than store-bought versions.  


In this case, size matters a lot. Even if the label insists that the product is a professional LED does not mean that it is. Many lights appear to be as large as the C9 LED bulbs that professionals use. 

Upon further inspection, you will realize that this store-bought light is neither professional nor LED. These lights often last one season before they start to fall apart or stop working. The wire used on these lights is also much smaller.

Many store-bought lights use a copper-clad build such that most of the wire is aluminum and covered with copper. Commercial-grade lights use a more extensive gauge wiring that has copper all through. 


A significant difference between these two options is consistency. Unfortunately, many store-bought lights lack consistency with color and color distribution. If you hold the lights, you will see a lot of variation in colors that are supposed to be similar. 

Professional grade lights have a strict 3% color variation only. It is so discreet that no human eye will see the difference. Moreover, even with continuous uses, consistency remains the same in professional-grade lights.  


You can install store-bought lights yourself. However, as the name suggests, commercial lights have to be fit for you. Professionals use techniques to install these lights ensuring that they function correctly and accentuate your property 

You could say that this is the real difference. Professional lighting is far much more creative and beautiful than DIY light projects. It is not just for decoration but also highlights key features of your property.

Lights Over Atlanta is prepared to install holiday lights that will make your home shine brighter than any other property in your neighborhood. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.