Lights Over Atlanta's Services And Products


3-9-21 (1)

Every business is nothing more than the sum of its parts. From the products and services a business provides to the experienced workers and employees that sell these services, a company is ultimately just a working clock filled with rotating gears and gadgets. This same principle transcends across all industries and businesses. From hospitality to healthcare and entertainment to education, every industry is made up of a variety of moving pieces that come together for the greater whole. And yes, this is even true for outdoor lighting companies. 

Lights Over Atlanta prides itself on offering a variety of services and products for the entire metro Atlanta area. Unlike our competitors, Lights Over Atlanta strives to provide best-in-class services paired with exemplary customer service, so we not only meet our client's expectations but exceed them. From LED Conversion to light maintenance and light restoration to installation, Lights Over Atlanta has a service ready for everyone. Not to mention that we put the same care and dedication into every single job we acquire. But don't just take our word for it; take a look for yourself. 

LED Conversion 

One of the many services Lights Over Atlanta offers its client base is the process of LED Conversion. LED Conversion is the process of converting your old lighting systems to new LED lighting. This allows you to make use of your old lighting kits without having to throw them away. This also makes your old lighting systems shine just as bright as they once did. Lights Over Atlanta prides itself on using LED lights with every lighting product and service they offer. This LED upgrade will remove the need to replace old lighting kits, thus saving money on your total electricity bill. LED bulbs also give you a more comprehensive range of angles to use when it comes to your outdoor lighting kits. 

Light Restoration 

Like anything else, outdoor lighting kits go through a process of wear and tear that diminishes the brightness of the light. As the name would suggest, Lights Over Atlanta offers a service that will restore your old lights to their original illumination. This will result in you saving money when it comes to paying for your outdoor lighting. Lights Over Atlanta provides an in-depth service that begins with a complete examination of your current system. This gives Lights Over Atlanta the opportunity to understand what works about your outdoor lighting and what doesn't. Next, Lights Over Atlanta will provide you with some comparison costs, so you know if it would be cheaper to restore your old lights or to just buy a whole new kit. If Lights Over Atlanta thinks that your old lights should be repaired, we will convert them to energy-efficient LED light bulbs. This, in the end, will not only save you a substantial amount of money but will also reduce your carbon footprint. Unlike other companies, Lights Over Atlanta prides itself on offering high-quality services while also ensuring our client's needs and expectations are fully met.