Lights Over Atlanta Portfolio Spotlight: Henssler Financial



Once a month, here at Lights Over Atlanta, we like to shine a light (pun intended) on one of our clients and the work we have done for them. Last month we decided to focus on one of our residential jobs with the neighborhood of Stonegate on Lenox. This month, we've decided to shift focus to a commercial lighting job and write this blog post about Henssler Financial. Primarily located in Kennesaw, Georgia, Henssler Financial is a dedicated client of Lights Over Atlanta and proven time and time again that with the proper spotlight, any business can thrive. 

As their name would suggest, Henssler Financial is a financial company that focuses on a variety of monetary issues for their clients. From personal finance and business finance to even wealth management, Henssler Financial prides itself on giving top-notch advice to all of their clients with a clear-cut focus that not only meets their client's expectations but exceeds them. And with the outdoor lighting kits, Lights Over Atlanta has provided, there is nothing that Henssler Financial can't accomplish. 

Henssler Financial Assortment Of Services 

As we said before, Henssler Financial prides itself on offering a variety of resources and services for its client base. One of the most personal services (hence the name) is their personal finance service. As the name would imply, personal finance deals with anything type of finance that is strictly for individuals and their families. This can be anything from financial advisory to tax services, anything that can help improve the financial status of you and your loved ones. 

Another service Henssler Financial provides reaches a broader amount of people, whole corporations in fact. Henssler Financial has a variety of business clients that find themselves in need of financial help when it comes to retirement and 401(K) plans and other tax solutions. Where their competitors flounder, Henssler Financial prides itself on offering immense care and patience to each and every one of their clients, no matter how big or large the job is. 

The final primary service Henssler Financial offers for their consumer base is wealth management services. As the name would suggest, this is essentially the process of helping both individuals and businesses manage their wealth for the unseen future. Their experienced and knowledgeable team helps out with a variety of aspects when it comes to wealth management. From estate planning to money management and retirement planning to insurance planning, Henssler Financial offers a multitude of services when it comes to wealth and money management. It is through this versatile amount of services that make Henssler Financial the only choice when it comes to all of your financial needs.