Landscape Lighting: Winter Maintenance Checklist


Maintain Your Landscape Lighting This Winter

The winter months bring with them shorter days, meaning it’s prime time to utilize the landscape lighting system that you may have had installed in the spring or summer. However, with foliage being largely absent from the plant life on your property, it becomes much easier to notice system issues such as bulb outages, exposed wires, and skewed/crooked installations. That’s why we’ve put together a checklist of winter maintenance items to look out for in your landscape lighting system this season.

Eliminate Lawn Debris

Lawn and garden debris such as fallen leaves or other foliage can obscure lighting fixtures and impede their light output, thereby producing an incomplete, unpolished, and overall tarnished look for your lighting installation and property.

The look of the lighting installation isn’t the only concern here though. This obstruction can also produce safety risks. For example, some bulbs can become so intensely hot that they singe leaves and can even develop into a fire hazard.

Examine The System For Exposed Wiring

It can be fairly common for wiring to find its way to the surface of your property and become visible or unprotected. This is especially an issue in high traffic parts of the estate, close to lighting fixtures, or at locations in which the weather has been especially harsh.

Ensuring that all installations and associated wiring is properly secured in the ground will minimize trip hazards around a property.

Replace Bulb Burnouts Or Convert To LED

As some bulbs burn out, more electrical current flows to the other lights, which then diminishes their lifespan.

This is why property owners who have already had lighting fixtures installed on their property should consider making the switch to LED this winter if they haven’t already. LED fixtures demand less maintenance and can last up to 75,000 hours.

Readjust Shifted Lights

There are several reasons for lights shifting over time. This can happen due to intense winds, severe flooding, or direct impact. Even lawn care teams can unintentionally displace lighting fixtures with a lawn mower, weed eater, or high-powered leaf blower if vegetation conceals the lights from view.

It’s important to readjust these lights so that they illuminate your property in their intended fashion.

Ensure Regular Landscape Maintenance

Cutting back vegetation surrounding lighting fixtures will keep them unobstructed until next spring. It’s as easy as trimming bushes, shrubs, and other vegetation, and pruning small, reachable low-hanging tree limbs.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

Lights Over Atlanta offers a variety of different maintenance options to best suit the needs of your property and lighting installation. For more information on our maintenance packages or general lighting inquiries, please reach out to our team!