Landscape Lighting Trends for the Summer


Install Professional Landscape Lights This Summer

The warmth is upon us, and people are heading outside their homes to enjoy the weather. People especially enjoy summer evenings outside, but the problem is the lighting. This need is what inspired landscape lighting within properties.

The days get shorter in the summer so landscape lighting can be instrumental. However, this is not the only reason why more people have decided to add professional artificial lights to their properties.

Backyard evening barbecues and pool parties become much better with professional lighting. Furthermore, landscape lighting will accentuate the features of your home that deserve to be in the limelight. 

If you are considering landscape lighting, summer is the best time to get them. The season presents many opportunities for creative elements and fun designs. Consider the following summer landscape lighting trends to help you make that decision faster.

Pathway Lights

Summer gives opportunities to throw parties thanks to the perfect weather, and these parties can continue into the night. When your guests leave, you want them to have an illuminated pathway to prevent accidents and straining. A lit path is not only safe but also profoundly satisfying; like a trail of breadcrumbs for you to follow.

Rope Lighting

Rope lights are becoming more popular because of their high-quality and economic nature. One of the biggest trends for summer lighting is to use rope lighting on brick walls, paths, and steps. Not only will it highlight fun features about your walls or trails, but it is also a creative decorative element for evening parties.

String Lighting

Speaking of decoration, have you noticed how much better professional string lighting is? One of the hottest lighting trends for summer is strands of globe lights carefully draped outside to highlight a path or create a centerpiece.

With more parties going outdoors in the evening, professional string lights are becoming an essential part of tents, and patios. Creative installations such as hanging from a large tree or going around a large structure in the yard create a marvelous centerpiece. It is also a great way to let the guests know where the party is when they arrive.

Texture Lighting

Another light trend that has become popular is wall grazing. It is where professional lights are installed on the wall to highlight an uneven tone or texture. It works best with rough surfaces produced by stucco, stone, and brick. The lights are adjusted to shine and create shadows over the wall. These lights are often installed at the bottom of the wall to dramatically show off the texture and features.

In-Ground Lighting

These are lights that have been partially or wholly buried into the ground for a cleaner look. They have become popular along pools to illuminate the water for evening swims. These lights will make your pool seem magical in hot summer nights where the moon goes missing.

If you have private property, consider getting professionally-installed outdoor lighting. It will make your space more beautiful, functional, and even increase its value in case you want to sell. Contact us to learn more.