How Does Landscape Lighting Affect Lawn Care?


Landscape Lighting Can Affect Regular Lawn Care

So, can landscape lighting installation really mess up your lawn? Well, the true answer is, it depends. When professionals correctly install your landscape lighting system, it poses little-to-no risk of disrupting or damaging your property. Hired professionals will take special care by properly and carefully burying wires. This is by far the most important aspect of the installation that will affect regular lawn care. 

Wire Burial

Proper wire burial is a crucial step to attaining outdoor lighting that preserves and protects the lawn. Obviously, here it’s important to focus on how deep you’re burying the wire (at least 6 inches). However, burying wire in areas that aren’t likely to cause damage or result in future issues should also be a priority for your project. Avoiding wire placement in areas where they may be easily exposed, such as a shallow mulch bed, or areas they inhibit with edging your grass, like the edges of driveways or walkways, is also important. If placing wires in these potentially dangerous locations is unavoidable though, we would suggest using a defensive conduit. Finding the most efficient way of running wire from the lights to the transformer will differ for every project which is why we’d advise hiring a professional as opposed to a DIY installation.

When hiring a professional lighting service, you should ensure that they are trained and familiar with running wire to prevent pricey damages and minimize future issues. Lighting professionals, such as Lights Over Atlanta, understand how and where to bury the wiring, so when in doubt, hire the pros.

Location and Notifying Lawn Care Services

Location of your lights is important. If lighting installations are too well hidden when doing lawn maintenance, your lighting may be at risk of being ruined by a lawnmower. This tends to be a predicament as a beautiful design tends to keep light sources mostly concealed. However, as stated before, professional lighting installation services are trained and equipped to do so.

The biggest tip that we’d offer though is to inform your lawn maintenance service in detail about your new landscape lighting fixtures if you use one. Whether you’ve installed the lighting system or a pro has, your lawn care provider, needs to be aware. If they’re not informed, they may run over lights that didn’t exist the last time they were working on your property.

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