How A Light Bulb Is Made



When stripped down to its core, every light is just one bulb. They come in all shapes and sizes, some big, some small. But they all have one thing in common: they all do the same thing by shining a light. And for something so important within all of our lives, we seem to take the light bulb for granted and not try to understand it.

Making a light bulb can be a very complicated and intricate process as it requires a great deal of care and attention. There are three main sections of a light bulb. The first section is the glass shell that covers the light inside. The following section is the filament that glows inside of the light bulb, and the final section is the base of the bulb. All of these sections come together to create a singular unit that transmits light.

When manufacturers make the glass shell of the light bulb, they mix together the components of sand, soda ash, and limestone. Then they heat up this mix to solidify the glass. Once the glass has cooled off, the inside is covered with a protective chemical that reduces the glare of the light bulb, so it's not too bright. There are machines today that can make over 50,000 glass shells within a single hour.

Next, the filament is made for the light bulb. This is made out of a fine wire that is wound around a metal bar that is called a mandrel. This wire is then heated so that it is softened and makes for a more uniform structure. During this process, the mandrel is dissolved by acid. When the bulb is made, all of the air is taken out of it and is replaced with a mixture of argon and nitrogen. This mixture of these two chemicals allows for the light bulb's filament to last longer.

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