Gaining Curbside Appeal Through Outdoor Lighting


6-11-21 (2)

Everyone wants the perfect house. Sometimes we purchase a house that's already perfect, but sometimes you have to make your home perfect with outside lighting and decor. Outdoor lighting is the perfect way to grab the attention of anybody that passes your home. From elegant string lights on your porch to bright and vibrant color lights in your backyard, there are a variety of options that one can choose when it comes to decorating their home with outdoor lighting. 

Lights Over Atlanta prides itself on providing an extensive and impressive inventory of outdoor lighting kits that will make your home the talk of the neighborhood. From landscape lighting to be your entire yard on display to security lighting to protect your house, Lights Over Atlanta has everything you'll ever need. Here is everything you need to know to gain curbside appeal through your outdoor lighting. 

Porch Lighting 

Porch and patios are perfect for adding outdoor lighting. The lighting you choose should highlight your porch or patio without being overbearing for your guests. An assortment of lights could be used to illuminate your porch or patio, such as lanterns, string lights, and even gas lamps. It's usually recommended to put lights in every corner of open and large porches and patios. 

String Lighting 

Popular mainly in outdoor bistros and cafes, string lighting is being used more and more in suburban homes. It's become popular to hang these string lights along one's fence or backyard patio. These lights create a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere and ambiance. When it comes to adding something special to your backyard porch, string lights are the perfect way to go. 

Security Lighting 

Everyone likes the feeling of being safe and secure. But we can't always be on our guard for the rest of our lives, especially when sleeping. So how does one protect their home and loved ones from any intruders during the night? With security lighting, of course! Security lighting is perfectly designed to scare off any unwanted intruders or thieves. There is a variety of different types of security lighting, such as floodlights, spotlights, and even motion-sensor lighting. Keep your home and family safe with security lighting at Lights Over Atlanta. 

Tree Lighting 

Trees are common components of every house's front or backyard. But they can also be used as props that put your outdoor lighting kits on full display. LED-powered lights have the potential to make the trees in your yard stand out and work as a valuable focal point for your yard. The next time you're outside, try jotting down some notes and ideas of how you could illuminate your yard's trees and even bushes.