Forms Of Security Lighting



Within this chaotic and frantic world, safety is everything. But how does one keep their home and family safe 24/7? Security lighting gives you the protection you need around the clock. You can set up security lights all over your house to prevent any intruders or thieves from stepping foot on your property. Installing security lighting around the outside of your home is a great investment but something not to take lightly when considering what kind of lights you need.

Lights Over Atlanta prides itself on offering an extensive inventory filled with state-of-the-art security lights. Lights Over Atlanta specializes in both residential and commercial lighting. We check off every box when it comes to exceeding your expectations. With our first-class customer service, we ensure you that all of your security lighting needs will be met. Take the time to look at the many different forms of security lighting. 

Motion-Activated Lights 

Security lighting is mainly used to protect your home at night. And with lights on at all hours of the night, your electric bill is guaranteed to spike. But this doesn't always have to be the case. Not with motion-activated lights, that is. Motion-activated lights are lights that only light up when they detect any form of motion. These lights are incredibly common for most residential homes. They give you an extra layer of protection and security without having to break the bank. And to make it better, Lights Over Atlanta provides an assortment of motion-activated lights that are affordable and reasonably priced. 

Flood Lighting 

Most people are unaware of the term floodlighting or what floodlights actually are. Floodlights refer to lights that are designed to light large spaces around the exterior of your house. These lights are intense and very bright, which makes them perfect for scaring off any unwanted intruders or thieves. There are a variety of different kinds of floodlights. One of the most popular forms of floodlighting is the use of solar-powered floodlights. Solar-powered floodlights are just as they sound: floodlights that are powered by solar energy through a solar panel and battery. These floodlights are known for reducing energy costs but are usually less powerful and bright than LED or halogen lights. Which brings us to...

Another powerful form of floodlighting are LED lights. The most powerful form of floodlighting, LED lights are the most popular form of floodlighting. These lights are energy-efficient, durable, and the brightest form of floodlighting on the market. Lights Over Atlanta offers a wide range of LED floodlights that will keep your home in the spotlight at all hours of the night. 

The final form of floodlighting are halogen floodlights. Like LED floodlights, halogen floodlights are incredibly powerful and immensely bright. These lights are usually utilized with motion-activated lights because they are used to take intruders off guard by blinding them with a sudden beam of light. When it comes to floodlights, Lights Over Atlanta recommends halogen floodlights over any other form.