Commercial Lighting Trends To Look Out For


Learn about commercial lighting trends for your business.

When it comes to conducting business, outdoor lighting probably isn't the first thing you think about. So you would be surprised that outdoor lighting is a crucial accessory to any office building. From keeping your building safe and secure to even just showing off the beautiful architecture, outdoor lighting has been used for commercial real estate to enhance ones' business. But with every form of lighting, you need a plan to follow in order for it to look right.

Over the past several years, there have been prominent trends that have surfaced when it comes to commercial lighting. From floodlights for safety measures to string lights for an elegant aesthetic, there are countless ways you can set up your outdoor lighting to make your office building shine brightly. Here are a few commercial outdoor lighting trends to follow for the upcoming year.

Energy-Efficient LED Conversion 

Over the past several years, LED conversion has become increasingly popular when it comes to outdoor lighting. This is simply the process of converting old, mass-energy-consuming lights to energy-efficient LED bulbs. This not only cuts the electric bill down substantially, but it also leaves less of a carbon footprint, thus helping the world. Lights Over Atlanta is an industry leader when it comes to its LED conversion process. We treat each and every job with the same care and passion. LED conversion is also known to have longer-lasting bulbs that will save money in the long run when it comes to your businesses' outdoor lighting.

Flood Lighting For Security 

You can never be too careful, especially when it comes to keeping a business running. Floodlighting has been used continuously to keep ones' office building safe whenever it is left alone overnight. These bright lights shine whenever motion is detected in order to scare off any intruders or unwanted guests. Lights Over Atlanta provides a wide range of floodlights that can be used for both commercial real estate and residential real estate. Even going the extra mile, Lights Over Atlanta provides a service to install these lights and make sure that they are working perfectly.

Control Over Your Lighting 

Everyone likes to be in complete control, even when it comes to their outdoor lighting kits. When running a business, control is everything. From making sure your employees are doing their jobs to making sure that your business is making a profit, control runs a business. But what about your office building's lighting? Do you have control over that? Complete control over both the voltage and dimness of outdoor lighting has become increasingly popular over the past several years. Lights Over Atlanta sells a variety of lights that are able to be dimmed or raised however you see fit. This sense of control gives you a wide range of looks and styles of lighting that you can use to illuminate your office building.