Christmas in July: Planning Ahead for Your Holiday Lights


The 4th of July is over, so as traditions go, now everyone is preparing for the next holiday. Christmas is still 5 months away, so there's no need to be worrying about holiday lights yet, right? Wrong!

If you’re considering a professional holiday light installation in the Atlanta area, the time to get on the calendar is now! Not only will your holiday lights need to be installed, if this is your first year having a holiday light display installed, they will need to be designed and the fixtures ordered as well.

At Lights Over Atlanta, we have customers who are standing on our calendar year after year as we design their holiday lights and help with the installation annually. Think we are over exaggerating? Read on for a few reasons why you should book your holiday lighting installation TODAY!


The biggest reason for setting up your installation early is customer demand. Putting up holiday lights is a tradition in many households across the U.S. Thus, there are an immeasurable number of people looking for installation experts. That's where we come in!

With many people already requesting lighting installations year round, demand only skyrockets even further as it gets closer to the holidays. The last thing you'd want is to procrastinate scheduling your installation only for us to deny your request as we've already been booked up for the season. 

Project Timelines

Another big factor to consider is your project timeline. As eluded to earlier, a lot goes into getting your holiday lights up and running on schedule. 

First, we have to visit your property to evaluate the best ways to make it shine. Then, the design process begins. This involves determining where and how lights will be installed on your home. After this is all taken care of, we can then finally install the lights, which takes time in and of itself. 

When you schedule your installation ahead of time, a lot of this work is expedited as we aren't on such strict deadlines in the summer and may have more time to allocate to making your project spectacular! 

Make Your Home Shine This Holiday Season

Lights Over Atlanta has been getting our community in the spirit by illuminating businesses and homes for years now! If you’re ready for a new display this year or want a professional eye to plan something that will set you apart from the rest, it’s never too soon to get on our calendar as our availability around the holidays will go fast! Contact us to schedule an appointment today.