Backyard Lighting Ideas



It's our favorite place in the entire house. The place where the children tire themselves out running around in circles. Where our precious pets go to relieve themselves. It's where we invite the neighbors over for our world-famous barbeque parties. The funny thing is, it's not even inside our home. That's right; we're talking about your backyard. And for such a pleasant and relaxing place, shouldn't you do everything you can to make it look impeccable? Well, luckily for you, you've come to the right place. 

Lights Over Atlanta has provided the entire metro-Atlanta area with superior outdoor lighting for all of your backyard lighting needs. But good lighting can only go so far. You need a fantastic idea to ground that lighting. Here at Lights Over Atlanta, we don't only provide high-quality products and services but exemplary customer service. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond when it comes to fulfilling the needs of our client base. Here are a few excellent backyard lighting ideas.

Lighting Up Your Dining Area 

Most people decorate their backyards with a dining area so they can have dinner or entertain guests under the moonlight. But how do you expect to enjoy your meal if you can't even see it? Permanent string lighting is the perfect solution to illuminating your backyard for all to see. Lights Over Atlanta offers a variety of options when it comes to this form of lighting. Lanterns are also a popular choice when it comes to illuminating your dining area. With Lights Over Atlanta, you can even mix and match between string lighting and lanterns! 

Lighting Up Your Pool

Most homes have a pool located in their backyard. And while swimming under the beating hot sun can be relaxing in its own right, there's nothing quite like taking a late-night swim. Lights Over Atlanta provides a multitude of water feature lighting that will put your pool directly in the spotlight just in case you and a couple of friends decide to take a late-night dip to admire the moonlight and night sky. We've written a past blog about our water feature lighting, and you can locate it HERE. 

Illuminating Your Backyard Patio 

Usually, a backyard patio comes as an addition to the backyard. This is where you can set up a small sitting area with a couple of chairs and even a couch if you wish. It's mainly designed to serve as a relaxing spot to catch some fresh air. But what happens if you need to escape to this place in the middle of the night? With Lights Over Atlanta, you can! As we said above, Lights Over Atlanta sells a variety of high-quality permanent string lighting that would be perfect for hanging above your backyard patio. This, paired with a couple of jars of lights or lanterns, would be perfect for showing off your backyard patio to all your friends, family, and neighbors. When it comes to shining a light on your backyard, there's no place to go other than Lights Over Atlanta.